Denial for the moment but action for their future

By: rosedi55

Mar 21 2018

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I haven’t blogged for a very long time. And the world has not stood still. I look around my little Montessori classroom and see the children happy in their work and play and I wonder- what will their lives be like? What will their world be? With a heavy heart from the constant desensitizing barrage of killings especially at the schools, these giggling children will have a heavy load to carry when they understand what is ahead of them. And I hope it will somehow be settled and fizzle away like fairy dust before they are old enough to feel it’s weight.  Feeling powerless to make the world right for them, I do what I can for the world. I teach to the future adults, the value of human life and feelings and how to respect each other and settle differences without violence.

I see the stress that their parents feel,  in the little wriggly bodies of the children. The fears, the worries, the trying to pretend all is ok is trickling down upon them although they have no idea what it could be. Financial problems,  the Facebook videos of scuba divers swimming in garbage, wars, and suffering in the distance, poverty in our backyards.  The fires and their constant presence still in our lives in Sonoma County from the scarred landscape the scarred feelings  of safety,  the ashes, the homeless and friends moving away because of the lack of housing, the news- always bad, our “leadership” and their playboy bunny affairs as if they mattered , the high school students’  being punished for walkouts for fear of their lives being stolen from them in an instant of insanity, the reality that it is happening all the time and not stopping- the unbelievable! Our children are being killed in school.

Denial is a good thing as we sing “Itsy bitsy Spider”   for the hundredth time and  I take refuge in my denial and live in this glorious, itsy bitsy moment with the innocents. We HAVE to have hope. We have to do what we can. We have to hope that they will have this beautiful earth with its colors and fresh air and diverse population of life to enjoy when they grow up and that the plastic will be cleaned from the colorful ocean, the list of the extinct animals will be halted, fresh water will be a priority higher than dirty dollars and the guns will be out of the arms of the impulsive trigger-fingered troubled ones.

The little bright eyes of the children give me hope every day. And a reason to do everything we can to stop all this exponential craziness now.