My child never sleeps!

Why IS it that although we are so tired, especially by the end of the day, our children are still bouncing, perhaps even higher than ever?? They just have seemingly ceaseless energy; there is nothing as angelic as a child ASLEEP.

Ah well , have you ever been totally immersed in something, something that really grabs your attention? Something, just anything,  that incites your passion, that you can do for hours and then look at the clock and wonder “Where did the time go?” Now this is probably not  going to be the mile high piles of laundry folding,  and dishes that every household has. It can be as simple as reading a magazine, planting a bed of flowers and seeing the colorful results, choosing a home project and buying the materials, and actually starting work on any project of your choosing.

Adults work on improving their environment, while children on the other hand are working on self-development. At any given moment you can see them sorting , categorizing, exercising spontaneously, spilling and using their small motor coordination to manuever each corn flake back to the bowl. Many a time I have sat in awe and watched as my children would  seemingly be stalling if they don’t want to do something, they took the long route, for example, like crawling crab style to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Are they stalling? Probably so , but they are also exercising, stretching, and building their little bodies to be stronger. I’ve never seen an adult stall their way out of things quite  like that.  🙂

So kids are passionate about their inner work, but we have some passions too, be it shaving two legs in a single shower without interruption,  quilting, reading a good book, or playing a symphony, and we don’t like to be interrupted either. When we are really “into”  something, Maria Montessori would call that a Sensitive Period. Strike while the iron is hot.  The learning and practicing are effortless, the time flies, we are concentrating and cant wait to get back to the project. Think about it . There must be something …we all have mini sensitive periods. But kids are really amazing at what they learn in short amounts of time.  Children ages 0-7  are in a Sensitive Period for language and can learn as many languages as they are presented with, effortlessly and quickly. They are little sponges. If you want proof of this remember back to the accidental harsh word you said to the bad driver that cut you off, they absorb EVERYTHING in their environments. If you are a parent you definitely know what I mean….

So that is what children are busy doing every hour, every minute of the day:  they are creating themselves. They are not tired. They do not want to stop. They are learning language, learning all the nuances of a culture, social graces, gender appropriate behaviors, body language, how to move and coordinate their bodies,  get what they want and need, and who they are.  It is a tall order! They are relentless in their persistence of their work. They ARE ALWAYS busy, sometimes so  stubbornly  passionate about their work that  they become irate with silly requests from the adults in their lives  interrupting their groove with things  like clocks, eating, bedtime, leaving the house, getting dressed, etc etc  You would think with all this inner construction, they would be really tired, and their bodies are, but their minds dont want to stop, they are on the brink of a HUGE discovery, a GIANT breakthrough that in inexplicably all theirs.

The real challenge is, of course, how tiring it is for us be around this bundle of joy and energy! (But amazing too) But aaahhh there really is nothing as peaceful a sleeping child. But then, when they are finally asleep do we go right to bed? Sometimes, but sometimes we drink another cup of coffee and go for our own passion whatever that may be. Enjoy!

Although the child my be polishing a shoe, he is working on creating his person. His small motor coordination, concentration,and focus is effortless

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