Something about Fourth of July….

There is nothing as American as Fourth of July. Independence day. BBQs . Fireworks. Kids.  Now that I dont have little ones to bring to the festivities they take on a new meaning. I love to watch as the night looms and the glowing bands and light saber toys appear begin to illuminate the crowd.  The kids- running, wrestling with their Dads, fighting with their siblings, the teens acting bored, hanging around looking to see who’s there. The old people in their chairs wondering when and more importantly HOW they will get up out of those chairs.

It was a glorious sight. The ooo’s and ah’s.  The awesome finale, the mass exodous -families scrambling for their belongings from the blankets, kids, toys, candy wrappers, soda cans, cameras. Trying to fold up the blanket in some semblance of order , at least enough so that it will not drag along the ground while balancing a cooler, stroller, a babe in one arm and the other  full of blankets, jackets and odds and ends. The march is on, and for one warm summer night, the people take over the streets by sheer numbers. cars and crowds rushing downstream like rivers into the ocean.  Family.

But what does this have to do with Montessori education? EVERYTHING.  This is our culture, the culture that our little ones are absorbing . This is their place in the world, their place in the family, who they are , who we are. This is their destination that they are trying so hard to learn to become. When my babies were little I remember them scooting their chair ever so close as possible to mine, wanting to be near; they never tire of their love and admiration of their parents, as they never tire of learning to become, and  to belong. No matter what their individual circumstance int heir family is. It is theirs, and they look up to aspire to be like their families, part of their culture.

Nothing is as important as the time we spend with our families. Nothing is as important to them, and hopefully we appreciate it as well. Because these are the memories, these are all of our memories. This is how they learn, and  what they learn.  And that, to me, is the ultimate of Montessori education. Nothing is more important to the children than these family moments, the crying the crankiness, the laughter, the stubbed toes the ooooo’s and aah’s  the Daddy’s shoulders, the Grandparents in chairs, the running, laughing playing the peculiarity of being out at night with family, blankets on the grass.We are, of course,  children’s first and most important teachers.   Family.


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